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Landlords Insurance

We are a specialist landlords insurance broker providing cover for let properties in the UK, we understand the process of searching online for a cheap insurance policy can be a long and tedious process which is why we have developed our own instant online quote system to provide quotes from a wide range of landlord insurers. You can sit back and let our system do all the hard work by searching a panel of insurers for you. A smart landlord will know that they can save alot of time and money by using an insurance broker for their let properties since the broker does all the hard work of finding and arranging the insurance so the landlord can do what they do best, let properties!

We understand that a landlord has enough expenses to deal with, especially with the launch of the new property licence for houses in multiple occupation, for this reason we have made extensive effort to make sure we provide competitive quotations for landlords insurance from several different reputable companies. For the protection of our clients we will only ever place your property on cover with an insurance company which is appropriately regulated and authorised to do.

Because we deal with a panel of different insurers you may find that cover differs slightly with each insurer which is why it is crucial that you read the keyfacts and quotation details before proceeding with any cover for your own protection. To best serve our clients we will only ever place cover with insurers which meet our strict guidelines on cover so that the main perils should be covered at all times such as fire. In the keyfacts of each insurer you will find basic details with regards to the policy, basically a brief overview of the policy without having to read a full policy booklet.

We can offer a wide range of insurance services online such as the following:

There are a wide range of buy to let insurers, each offering different levels of cover, excesses and charges. To give you the highest chance of obtaining a cheap buy to let policy we provide quotations from a range of competitive insurers meaning you can have the choice between different premiums, excesses and such like. Ultimately meaning you have a wider choice with regards to your landlord insurance policy than what you may get if you were to go direct to an insurer.

As standard our buy to let insurance policies usually include property owners liability to provide cover against any liability claims your tenant may make against you, for example if the tenant was to injure themselves inside the property and hold you liable. This is an obvious benefit of having a specific buy to let policy over a standard household insurance policy. As a landlord you may let houses in multiple occupation meaning you need a property licence in force before the 6th of april. Some landlords make the mistake of leaving a property insured under a standard household policy which usually wont provide cover for let properties and even if it does then you usually wont have such extensive cover such as property owners liability. Some of the buy to let insurance companies we deal with will allow a discount if you insure several properties at a time

Right now buy to let insurance is not a legal requirement but as a responsible landlord you will want to have insurance in place to protect at minimum the buildings themselves against perils such as fire, flood and subsidence. An unexpected incident could result in thousands of pounds worth of damage and without insurance in place you may have to just pay this out of your own profits. A lender usually wont provide any funds without seeing a valid buy to let insurance policy because they also want to protect their investment in the property. We understand that sometimes documents are required urgently which is why as a buy to let insurance broker we can supply documents via post, fax and email.

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